Mum's Tomato Salad



This salad is a something of permanent fixture on our dining table at home. It is so familiar, that actually writing down a ‘recipe’ for it feels a little silly, so instead, I’ll just say this:

Take some perfectly ripe tomatoes and cut them into slices, chunks, or any other shape you like.

Slice some red onion, very finely if you want it to look pretty, or into rough chunks if you are less fussy. Mild, sweet-tasting red onions are best for this salad.

Tear up a small bunch of fresh basil leaves, bruising with your hands to release their flavour, and scatter these artfully across the top.

Then sprinkle some flaky sea salt all about. Be generous! The tomatoes really come to life with the addition of salt. And it won’t hurt you, this one time…

Squash a few of the tomato pieces at little to release their seeds using your hands, (or a fork if you must).

Now pour over some the very nicest, freshest extra virgin olive oil you can find.

Mix everything together, acquainting the sloshy tomato seeds with salt, and the oil…

And serve with some lovely crusty white bread. The taste of an Italian summer....

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